Introducing the best of Self-Catering accommodation in Skegness

For those who seek freedom to eat and drink at leisure, or to sample the many fast food outlets or the numerous restaurants in Skegness, a self catering holiday may be an ideal decision. What to expect:

What to expect:

The service is generally very personal and you may expect a very warm welcome. Most establishments in Skegness offer special price packages for groups of visitors e.g. dance parties,, business, conferences etc. Please mention your requirements when enquiring. .Skegness Offers the best in Self Catering Accommodation from small studio apartments to high quality apartments (hilday flats) and chalets designed for family usage. Several venues are open throughout the whole year. Self-catering holiday breaks offer an exciting alternative to traditional served accommodation.

Island Holiday Apartments
30, Scarbrough Ave

Tel. 01754 - 768952

Southview Holiday Apartments
17 Scarbrough

Tel. 01754 - 768309

Beachlands Holiday Flats
2 North Parade Extension

Tel. 01754 - 760110

Suro Holiday Apartments
17 North Parade

Tel. 01754 - 76311

Quality Holiday Apartments
38 Glentworth Crescent

Tel. 01754 - 763863


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