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Decal It is our pleasure to invite you to take a virtual tour of the Lincolnshire U.K. coastal resort of Skegness. The site is developed especially for those looking to take a holiday, short break, excursion, to Skegness and surrounding resorts.

We hope to show the best of which one of the most popular resorts in the U.K. has to offer, including the sights of Skegness, where to stay and what to enjoy and get the best from your visit. Discover the beautiful local countryside and experience little known secluded local walks.

Discover the best of accommodation - where to stay and how to get the best deals on hotels, guests accommodation and self catering venues.


Need a break out of season?


To a great extent Skegness offers all year round short break accommodation including the winter months. During this time the resort remains fairly busy and most indoor entertainment venues are open.Jolly Fisherman


Take a well deserved break at a very reasonable price - check out the variety of accommodation available on this site.

Images of Skegness
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