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Page 2 After enjoying the observation point we begin our return to Skegness. Descend the narrow steps, enjoying the changing scenery. Gibraltar Point attracts a wide variety of migrating birds for many overseas sources. The reserve in managed by Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust who provide an excellent service to both human and wildlife visitors. Several "hides" have been conveniently located where visitors may quietly observe wading birdlife in a natural habitat. Many interesting pathways have been conveniently constructed for all to fully enjoy this natural landscape. Our walk passes an abundance of information plaques providing useful documentation relating to all aspects of the reserve. Take a little time to observe the many natural and man-made ponds and small lakes that support many varieties of wildlife.



We eventually join a minor country road that we will use to return to Skegness. Either turn right and follow the road back to Skegness, or look for a parallel track on the opposite side of the road and follow it to the right. The track provides access to more of the nature reserve and is well worth exploring if time permits. We proceed northerly along the country road (please observe traffic), leaving Gibraltar Point. Pleasant rural views are enjoyed to the left, and Seacroft Golf Course provides interesting scenery on the right. Eventually we enter a built up area, where we turn left into Seacroft Square, and then in to Seacroft Drive. Take care to look for a public footpath on the right side of Seacroft Drive, where we continue our walk.



The walk continues through a wooded corridor that is delightful in spring, summer and autumn months, when the pleasant aroma of fragrances from different trees combine with the fresh coastal air. The track passes the Vine Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in Skegness. The Vine Hotel was a regularly frequented by the poet Alfred Lord Tennyson.



The Vine Hotel may well provide an excellent break for a meal or drink.

Leaving the Vine Hotel, continue in the direction in which you arrived (do not take Vine Road to the right). Proceeding through a small gate, the track forks to the left and right. Take the left fork. (The walk may be shortened by taking the right fork - returning to Drummond Road). Crossing a small bridge, we rejoin the tree lined corridor, known locally as "Vine Walk", that eventually terminates at Richmond Drive.



Joining Richmond Drive, turn right, proceeding to the Railway Station (on the left), returning to the promenade and pier via High Street or Lumley Road, on the right.






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Small pond
Views of Norfolk coastline
Walkway to observation point
Small pond
Gibraltar Road
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Vine Hotel
Vine Walk






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