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First Reunion - Weekend of Fri 26th to Sun 28th October 2001
Embassy Centre - Skegness.

Second Reunion - OCTOBER 23rd 2005
 for the 50th Aniversary
of the opening of our school.



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Email (information) morrisreunion@skegness-resort.co.uk



The Morris School was opened in September 1956 by Canon Arthur Henry Morris. This site is dedicated to that respectful gentleman, and all of the teachers and staff who taught or supported the pupils during the existence of the school.

The site is also written to provide a documented history of the lifetime of the Morris School, and to publicise a grand reunion of all ex-pupils, staff and to any person associated with the school.

"You are ALL my children" - Mrs. N. Coles 28th October 2001 reunion.

Many thanks to all for the support of the 2001 reunion. The sum of 500.00 surplus from this reunion has been donated to a local worthy charity - Skegness Day Centre - day care for the housebound. the funds will be used by the Centre to contribute to the purchase of a new transport ambulance.

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