Welcome to a preview of the larger hotels in Skegness. Standards, quality and prices will vary depending on the services and facilities that the hotel offers. Several hotels listed may offer capacity for smaller to intermediate conferences and would be ideal for functions such as an organised dance events, wedding receptions etc.
Skegness Pleasure Beach
Skegness Pleasure Beach

South Parade
South Parade - Skegness

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Tower Esplanade
Tower Esplanade - Skegness
Childrens Park
Children's Park - Skegness

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Larger hotels may offer facilities such as a swimming pool, golf and other leisure facilities. Please enquire when reserving.. We have defined larger hotels as serviced accommodation with 20 bedrooms upwards.

All hotels listed welcome organised coach parties and invite enquiries from reputable coach companies. Private group reservations are also welcomed.


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North Parade Hotel

North Parade Hotel
North Parade

Tel. 01754 - 762309

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Leisure Hotel

The Leisure28 Drummond Road

Tel. 01754 - 763727

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Quorn Hotel

Quorn Hotel
North Parade

Tel. 01754 - 763508

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Premier Hotel

Located on Lincoln Road Skegness, this NEW hotel is opening June - July 2016
Tel: 01754 763456

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